Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stuff I Have Found Interesting Yesterday

Quite long but full of good information. If you still believe markets are efficient then please read this. If not then just browse it for some cool graphs.

Exceptions: The Airbags of Code & Defensive Programming, or Why Exception Handling Is Like Car Insurance

This first one links to the second one. They both cover roughly the same subject but slightly different and they are short. Basically is you use an Exception to handle a predictable case (like divide by zero) you should consider a different career.

2 steps to improve your website load time by 50%

I never heard of Content Delivery Network before this post. The concept isn't new, but the fact that Amazon cloud supports this so cheaply is shocking. I guess there is more out there than I have time to learn.

Choosing a non-relational database; why we migrated from MySQL to MongoDB

Another DB I have never heard of as well as a list of non-relational DBs with details on MongoDB.

Lean Primer [PDF]

A good, long paper on Lean that covers the subject well.

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