Friday, July 24, 2009

Stuff I Have Found Interesting Today

Differences in Beliefs Results in Differences in Approach

Quite long, but the author makes some good points. I agree that often Scrum can miss the boat by leaving too many things up to the team. Many I have worked with would be lost in such a situation. I believe process is what you do. If everyone on the team follows a completely different process then improvement will be limited if not impossible. Like the author, I think good management is essential to improvement and much of Scrum seems to be to limit management. I think this inherently places limits on the Scrum team to improve. I think it is due to the history of so much mismanagement in software, but 180 degrees from wrong is still wrong.

From the short article "Locus of Control (LOC) is the belief one holds about who or what controls events – oneself (internal) or factors outside the control of oneself (external)". I have at times been both. I wonder what that makes me?

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