Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stuff I Have Found Interesting Today

Uncovering Better Ways of Developing Software by doing it and Helping Others do it

I liked the summary of Gerald Nadler’s book from the mid 1990’s, Breakthrough Thinking: The Seven Principles of Creative Problem Solving. Nadler's seven principles:

1. Uniqueness

2. Purposes

3. Solution-after-next

4. Systems

5. Limited Information Collection

6. People Design

7. Betterment Timeline

A well written critique to the Kanban craze. He biggest beef seemed to be that without iterations he couldn't tell the business when he would deliver. I think Kanban (or something like it) is the future of software process as I do not see the need for iterations and forcing the customer to split their needs into a size that fits the software team's chosen process. The software team should take the business need, give a date range (with a probable date) and then deliver it as fast as possible using best practices (e.g. TDD). Iterations are not a necessary component. For a detailed response read: Response to critical article on Kanban.

Stack Overflow Architecture

Covers the architecture of and gives it fairly high marks.

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