Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stuff I Have Found Interesting Today

Kanban Is Process Control, Not A Process For Adding Value To WIP

Does a good job of explaining what Kanban is and is not. I love the quote:

the kanban is an organized system of inventory buffers and, according to Ohno, inventory is waste, whether it is in a push system or a pull system. So kanban is something you strive to get rid of, not to be proud of
- Jeffrey K. Liker, “The Toyota Way”, p. 110.

Author makes the point that handling failure is key to success of a start up. I would argue that it is key to success, regardless of what you are doing. How you deal with failure is a good predictor of success. The best in any field have seen more failure than success.

I have never heard of this idea. I am not sure what the ramifications are, but I like it!

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