Monday, July 6, 2009

Stuff I Have Found Interesting Today

So You Want to Buy an American Car?

4 out of the top 10 cars with the most domestic content are made by Toyota (with #1 being the Camry).

Lessons in Software from James Waletzky

A sensible top 10 list (for detail follow the link):

Lesson 1. Keep it simple.
Lesson 2. Define ‘done’.
Lesson 3. Deliver incrementally and iteratively.
Lesson 4. Split scenarios into vertical slices.
Lesson 5. Continuously improve.
Lesson 6. Unit testing is the #1 quality practice.
Lesson 7. Don’t waste your time.
Lesson 8. Features are not the most important thing.
Lesson 9. Never trust anyone.
Lesson 10. Reviews without preparation are useless.

Resources on Self-Organizing Teams for Agility

Quite a list for those who have the time.

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