Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stuff I Have Found Interesting Today

Immovable Object versus Unstoppable Force: Capex and the Marginal Cost of Production

Kent Beck on economics and other things. Most interestingly is that he is selling a 2 hour pair programming session on eBay! Started at$50 yesterday and after 12 hours has gone up above $200. I wonder what the final price will be?

This is just plain weird: "Some say that a major cause of the U.S. housing bubble was a surge in savings overseas, particularly in China, where the personal savings rate soared to 30 percent of disposable income...China’s “one child” policy, which created a huge surplus of men in the country, has driven up the cost of getting married...could account for as much as half of the increase in the country’s household savings since 1990."

These two columns cover the same supreme court decision, but look at it COMPLETELY differently. The second is from George Will and makes sense to me. The first makes some statements which make me tilt my head: "The two decisions are mirror images in terms of their consequences, one harming minorities and one harming whites." I don't see how one can make such a statement. I do know that the law is in for a rough road as we recover from decades of racism.

A good case that covers the reasons for the current structure as well as an appeal for change. I think it will happen as money will force it. Lean won manafacturring and it will win in IT as well.

The Toyota Half-Way

Points out that without respect for people there is no way you're getting any benefit.

Good post with an interesting question at the end "Is what I wrote above the case? And if so, how should that impact the way we test software?"

How maths killed Lehman Brothers

As I like to say "Do the math!"

The author makes a good point. I happen to think one-size fits all is a bad idea with technology.

Takes the popular MVC pattern and shows you their approach.

Details on the CLI that make sense.

The 12 page document is the first link on the page. It is a good summary of the changes in C# 4.0 with examples. The changes can be summarized thusly: Dynamic lookup, Named and optional parameters, COM specific interop features, and Variance.

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