Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stuff I Have Found Interesting Today

Gotta love an election in which "...the number of votes exceeded the number of voters"

Where Everyone's a Pig – The Value of Cross-functional Collaboration in Successful Agile Transition

An article from David Anderson that underscores the importance of inclusion in having a productive culture.

Your brain is built to deal with stress that lasts about 30 seconds

Fascinating that stress can cause so much long term pain. Even more fascinating is this gem: "The emotional stability of the home is the single greatest predictor of academic success. If you want your kid to get into Harvard, go home and love your spouse."

The Nimitz Goes To Home Depot

Gotta love the use of low tech for a complex situations.

The Sticky Matter of Ethics

A very good point. Perks are just kickbacks in disguise.

Agile Kanban Journal: Kaizens on Day 1

A personal kanban board with pictures.

The Thinking Tool called Agile

I love his first three slides!

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