Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stuff I Have Found Interesting Today

Review of Ulysses by James Joyce

This is the funniest book review I have ever read. A colleague found it because NPR did a story this morning on Bloomsday. I tried to start the book but lost the desire quickly. After reading this review I am not sure I will ever try again.

Reforming Project Management

Review of what looks like an interesting book: RETHINK: A Business Manifesto for Cutting Costs and Boosting Innovation based on an article in HBR that the reviewer nicely sums up with:

  1. Describe your operations in terms of desired outcomes (the whats)
  2. Identify the activities supporting the desired outcomes
  3. Identify the capabilities supporting each of your activities
  4. Identify activities most critical to your company's success
  5. Design a more efficient operating model

RE: Definition of Lean

I love the quote "Kanban is a scheduling tool – kanban by itself is hardly sufficient to qualify a work system as lean. That lesson was learned in manufacturing long ago – I hope we don’t have to re-discover this in software development!" BTW the blank image is corrected here: Toyota Way 2001 (post 4172).

Nice Examples of Cumulative Flow

I'm not in love with Cumulative flow charts, but the examples are interesting.

30 HTML Best Practices for Beginners

Fun and informative although not without opinions.

Funny on many levels.

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