Monday, June 8, 2009

Stuff I Have Found Interesting Today

You're Only as Busy as You Want Yourself to Be
Jurgen's latest is a good one. It is tough for control freaks like me to grasp, but it can happen.

Pair Programming: So you don't want to do it…

I am often worried that people dismiss 100% test coverage as "impossible/ivory tower/a good goal". I have worked on projects where 100% test coverage was the starting point and MC/DC coverage was the goal. When you have test coverage so many things are easier, like refactoring critical sections of code. The goal is 0 defects, because once a defect gets into a release it has many negative affects.

One of the cogent articles I have read on the issue which recommendations. I am no expert but I highly encourage everyone to be more informed.

Kanban vs Scrum

Good opening dialog with a link to a 26 page PDF (although most pages are not filled completely). The paper has an overview of Scrum & Kanban as well as good pictures to aid in the understanding. I recommend it to anyone who thinks about the process they follow to get their work done.

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