Saturday, June 6, 2009

Stuff I Have Found Interesting Today

An hour long video the first half is a talk on failure. I never knew Adam Savage was such a good speaker.

Have We Got a Deal for You

Will makes fun of the GM plan. Bets part is near the end "Washington's "rescue" of GM began because GM is "too big to fail," and bankruptcy is (well, was) "unthinkable." Big? GM's market capitalization, $375.8 million on Wednesday, is about the size of California Pizza Kitchen's ($340 million) -- is it too big to fail? -- and one-eleventh that of Harley-Davidson ($4.3 billion). Fail? If GM has not already failed, New Coke was a success."

MSDN Updates - and RFC for you

Interesting on two points, one that if you care you can help shape a better MSDN and the other is in showing different web design ideas.

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