Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stuff I Have Found Interesting Today

Great post on an area we all need help in from time to time. In summary the lessons are:
Lesson #1: Make Useful Assumptions
Lesson #2 Assume Positive Intent
Lesson #3: Know What You Want
Lesson #4: Meet People Where They Are
Lesson #5: Listen To Go Deep
Lesson #6: Choose Your Words Carefully
Lesson #7: Relationships Are About Perception
Lesson #8: Project and Expect The Best
Lesson #9: Keep Your Wits About You
Lesson #10: Create Change In Stages

Anti-Patterns and Worst Practices – You’re Doing it Wrong!

Some new anti-patterns (Arrowhead, Heisenbugs) and some familiar ones (Monster Objects & Utils Class).

How TDD and Pairing Increase Production

Good article debunking familiar reasons for not trying these best-in-class practices. The conclusion is worth repeating:

If you want to increase the productivity of your team, then do these three things:
    1. write a microtest that fails before you change any code;
    2. adopt a “no-pair no-keep” agreement;
    3. establish a shared understanding of internal quality.

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