Monday, May 25, 2009

Stuff I Have Found Interesting Today

Blind To The Whole

Analysis on units per dealer for Honda, Toyota, Ford & Chrysler before and after the trimming. The only change in rank ordering was that Ford went from #3 to # 5.

A Clarion Call For Leadership

An update to his "The Hollow American Economy": A Clarion Call For Leadership "a little more positive and motivating".

Why The American Civil War Is Important

Engaging and funny post on a much covered topic, but he still managed to bring something new.

In Praise of Silence

Short and to the point. I use my hammock for just this purpose.

Vanity Metrics vs. Actionable Metrics

Good post on web site metrics with recommendations.

The value of a fresh mind

A good post on stepping away to be more productive.

Ignoring the Wisdom of Crowds

Good post explaining the wisdom of crowds and how they aren't creative.

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