Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stuff I Have Found Interesting Today

Measuring Perfomance on SCRUM & Re: Measuring Perfomance on SCRUM

Age old bad question and a rather decent follow up. Responses worth reading 38623 & 38638
I didn't learn much, but I thought this post was well put together.

Metrics, Schmetrics & Metrics, Schmetrics - II

Good posts on metrics the good and the bad. Part II provides a good example of a project dashboard. I have been doing something similar for a few years and highly recommend it.

Has a good quote The Birth of Lean, a book I think I might like.

Australian doctor uses household drill to save boy

There is nothing more fascinating than reality.

A good synopsis of C# 4.0 with examples. He covers Interop & COM changes in detail with CLR and DLR and BCL, oh my!

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