Friday, May 15, 2009

Stuff I Have Found Interesting Today

What Ms. Pelosi Knew - It's a good question, but not the only important one in this torture debate
I am not interested in either party's attempt to make the other look bad, but this article isn't about that and it had a good quote at the end " It was a collective failure in which a number of officials and members of Congress and staffers of both parties played a part . . . Precisely because this was a collective failure it is all the more important to comprehend it and learn from it." 
The Invisible Hand Hoax 
I always wondered about this quote from Adam I now the REAL "TRUTH" :-)
I can almost get behind this idea as I hate "pints" that are small, but come on...a LAW?!?
A great example of easy customer service via technology from NetFlix.
Search Options
Google had added some cool search options.
Congratulations, Google staff: $210k in profit per head in 2008
I had no idea Google was making this much and I'm a sucker for graphs!
Not an interesting read, but a neat reference. 


Why I don't use CouchDB

I almost didn't read this as I thought is was going to be a rant. I was pleased to find a well done critique that asks some good questions and provides examples of other products that do it better. I am no DB expert, but I find articles like this one informative.
The Security Implications Of Google Native Client
I did not read this as security implications typically bore me, but it was cool that Google's Native Client can run Quake!
Fairly long story to get to his point, but I liked the story.

Priyesh's Law of Excessive Separation | Elegant Code

Funny and to use it myself :-)

Project-wide controller survey through reflection

Cool .NET 3.5 code using LINQ with reflection...very cool.
Null Is Not Empty

Great post about NULL and C# nullable types. 

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