Thursday, May 7, 2009

Stuff I Have Found Interesting Today

A former schoolbook editor parses the politics of educational publishing.

A trio of Google posts (all hail the overlords)

  • Tuning in to TV data Have you ever read 1984? This is interesting and a little scary.
  • Reducing our carbon footprint Google has a Green Energy Czar??? I think they are doing some cool things, but they are starting to scare me a little.
  • The 2008 Founders' Letter Sergey's founder letter in the Google annual report. Some interesting history as well as some cool projects are mentioned, but it is long.

The Obama Administration's Adventures in Running Chrysler and General Motors

I would like this to work, but I can't help being pessimistic.

Formula for Success?  
Interesting dive into the formula for deriving disbursement of the transportation stimulus funding to the states.

Risk is the Water in Which the Agile Fish Swims

Great line and picture worth seeing from Ron Jeffries' newly reincarnated blog

Gold Card Days

Interesting idea. I am more of the mind that Part of your job should be to learn, but I think it is worth the read and maybe even more.

Art of distributed

An interesting article on distributed processing models. Specifically Grid Computing, Master/Worker and MapReduce. Good explanation of the three and recommendations for which type of app fits each one. 

Aristotle's Error or Agile Smagile 
Uncle Bob called it back in 2003! Agile Smagile is my new favorite phrase :-)

Three Designing Bears

Is Kent Beck saying he is Goldilocks? Good read on how to not spend too much time generalizing a solution you don't need now.


DOM Storage: a Cure for the Common Cookie

Finally a standardized solution to the stupid cookie!

Has free e-books and links to some cool tools. My favorite (I haven't used them all) is Balsamiq Mockup for UI mock ups.

Has a link to a list of TDD tutorials as well as a link to a draft book.

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