Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stuff I Have Found Interesting Today

I Just Logged In As You: How It Happened

A funny story about how a famous software blogger got hacked by not following his own advice. I concur that outsourcing credentials is a good idea. If you don't trust Google OpenID then who can you trust as they have the keys to the kingdom right now.

I don't think I could do this as it requires silence on my part :-)

Long article on high speed rail, capitalism and politics with some stats to boot. Good read.

Some gems include
  • An online Graph sharing service. Looks cool.
  • T-Mobile sold 1 million G1s
  • Jeff Patton on kanban Long read on how a group at Yahoo applied Lean Kanban to Scrum. I like the idea, but I think it is less than ideal. I like and have used MMF (minimal market feature) but I like to call them features. I then pan using feature slices that are done in 1-3 days. I like one week interations for the development team, but not for the customer. The customer does not care about slices. They want MMFs that they can sell, market and or use to make money.

How to know what Oracle will do with Java

Interesting take on the purchase. I hope JavaFX lives as it sounds like cool technology.

Some of these I knew and do. Others where interesting.

Lots of cools ways to track stuff you do for those who like to track stuff.

A GPS for the TPS

Targets TPS, but can be easily adapted for any improvement effort.

A testing survey on a large project

Some real life examples of how you can't use just one testing strategy on a large project.

Re: TDD and up-front design

Great response to a common question. I love the quote "...early days of TDD had a bit of a "Look ma! No hands" quality to them."

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