Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stuff I Have Found Interesting Today

Sad epilogue to what once was a Richmond jewel. OTOH why didn't he write about B&H BEFORE I spent spring break in Manhattan!

True believers: The biggest cults in tech 
Entertaining list. My favorites are "Brotherhood of the Ruby" and "The Commodorians".

As I browsed this I see that Scala has Actors and Messages for concurrency. When I worked at the Consortium we ran across a great book on real-time OO (Real-Time Object-Oriented Modeling) by Bran Selic who I had the fortune of meeting a few times. Is Scala taking Selic's ideas and extending them into the 21th century?

Agile is designed to deal with... 
I didn't look at the referenced 95 slides, but I did like the one.

Re: What's a good velocity?

Great response "Velocity is not a goal; it's a measurement." It has more including a link to Should we measure velocity?

Short and funny about the .NET blogs wars over the web app development on .NET.

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