Monday, May 4, 2009

Stuff I Have Found Interesting Today

Part of AIGA Talk by Milton Glaser. Good read about life.

A New Look at Old Demographic Myths

Fascinating quote “In 2050, according to United Nations projections, it is possible that nearly as many babies will be born in the United States as in China.”

Structural Waste

Good story about waste and your perspective.

The Partial Project Manager 

Great description of how a PM interacts with a project. Definitely matches my experience as a PM on a multi-million dollar project. I had no real power and no way to talk to everyone, but I managed to be effective.

Good post on why lean isn't just a Japanese car manufacturing technique.

Re: BTUF (was Skewering management theory)

Ron's Response to message 4287. I never read it quite that way before. Good representation of why/how Agile works with respect to acceptance tests and interaction with the customer.

Top ten geek business myths

Fun read and I bet some of you believe some of these :-)

Can we avoid tooling to prevent spaghetti code?

Interesting use of a tool to point out where the spaghetti is. Quite long, but the pictures are cool.

Great post if you are a programmer. This is my favorite section:

Recently I have wasted more time than I care to mention on the

intersection between threads and processes... and have written these

rules into my soul.

a) Prefer single process to multi.

b) Prefer multi-process to multi-thread.

c) A process may invoke a multi-threaded app (if it must), but

invoking "fork" from a multi-threaded app is too fraught with

subtleties. It can be done, but if you want it reliable... don't.

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