Friday, April 17, 2009

Stuff I Have Found to be Interesting Today

The Marshmellow Test - willpower via distraction, was interesting.

Jeff Atwood has a new entry: Exception-Driven Development. Great opening picture and some great advice. He does get TDD confused with unit testing everything. Nobody's perfect.

Esther Derby has a good post on Five Ways that Team Members Build Trust with Each Other. She led me to this good post on Feedback. This is an issue I struggle with. I have always loved the the perfection game in the Core by McCarthy.

Freakonomics shares some info that disturbed me. 70k$ to run for mayor of Rapid City, SD every two years and it only "pays" 90K$/year?!? Politics has become a strange/scary world. 

Thanks to the power of Twitter I found 10 Programming Proverbs. Great humor, wisdom and pictures to boot.

On the yahoo group for XP there is a thread that started as One project per person X One project per team and has evolved into "People vs Process". The real action begins with post 15015. Here are some posts I have read and enjoyed:
  • 150128:Talks about a good way of managing a difficult situation brought up
  • 150181: Has Ron trying to explain that the person isn't the problem
  • 150219: Has another trying to explain the same thing differently
  • 150232: more clarification of the problem...
  • 150272: Ron will not let this one go
It is still going on...and may never end :-)

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