Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stuff I Have Found Interesting Today

Keep It Simple, Stupid

Old idea on new technology. Why is it that the simplest rules are the most often broken?


David Anderson nails this one on the head. I think his article applies to all corporate initiatives. Some gems:
  • "The problem with these transition initiatives, and their champions, and their change agents, and their sponsors, and their improvement projects, and their quality teams, and process experts, and black belts, and green belts, and funny handshakes, and secret rituals, and coded handbooks, and group hugs and therapy sessions is, quite simply, they don't work!"
  • "By giving the transition a name, the management has given the workforce a new hate object. Something to despise!"
  • "Continuous improvement is everyone's business!"

8 must read papers for project managers
Pronounce Names
Good idea for those working with foreign born folks on a daily basis.
The World in panoramic 
Interesting concept, although most of the pictures are in Europe.

Gall's Law
My personal experience agrees with this, but I am biased.
Interesting take on enterprise integration. Links to a Arnon calls a Knot ("A knot is an Anti-pattern where the services are tightly coupled by hardcoded point-to-point integration and context specific interfaces"). Not really my area of concern, but it is interesting.
Charles Krauthammer says what I have been thinking for a while "In the end, the spinach must be served." Althought I would have used kale as I like spinach.

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