Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stuff I Have Found Interesting Today

Stand and Deliver Revisited 

Sad story after such an uplifting one. I wonder if we will ever get over the politics of education.

The Scatology of Agile Architecture

Uncle Bob making sure people realize 180 degrees from bad is still bad. BDUF is bad, but NO-DUF is stupid. 

Go Directly to Jail. Do NOT Pass GO .
I love the SCRUM cartoon.

My Quick Oversimplified ASP.Net MVC Pros and Cons

An overview of ASP MVC that seems even handed. I have no experience with it to make any other judgment.

The Economics of Breastfeeding: A Cost-Benefit Analysis 
from PhD in Parenting. This looks like classic over analysis, but it is interesting for those that are at that stage in life

Haven't read it all, but some heavy weight authors: Mary Poppendieck, Robert C. Martin & Scott Hanselman

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