Friday, April 24, 2009

Stuff I Have Found Interesting Today

Jurgen is writing a book in a very interersting way. I love the quote "So think twice before you comment on my blog posts. I will make fun of you in my book." as he and I did get into a comment arguement last year sometime. I might have to get his book to see if I am made fun of.

Scott educating the masses on an aweomse open source tool.
Good story about how a scrum master that took initiative and changed one of the untouchable scrum practices, the standup). He made it better for his team. It was sad that he was afraid of posting it because of backlash. Why do people take rules made my humans and cling to them as if they were made by God?

Re: Lean Study Tour - Day 3: Bad News First

An interesting exchange between Kent & Ron. I remember reading about Appreciative Inquiry a while ago...maybe I will have to give it a second look. Further down in the message trail some posts An Appreciative Retrospective by Diane Larson. Seems like a good start since Barnes & Nobles doesn't carry "The Thin Book of Appreciative Inquiry" in stock anywhere in Richmond!


Re: How much refactoring?

Message thread on the Scrum development group that makes some excellent points. Here is my favorite excerpts:
  • "I try only to have a perfect design for right now. I never even manage that."
  • "Less refactoring makes it take LONGER! Refactoring is no more waste than is sharpening your tools."

The Software Craftsman's Ethic 
From the Software Craftmanship Google group is an interesting document:
We Care
We consider it our responsibility
  to gain the trust of the businesses we serve;
    therefore, we
      take our customer's problems as seriously as they do and
      stake our reputation on the quality of the work we produce.
We Practice
We consider it our responsibility
  to write code that is defect-free, proven, readable, understandable and malleable;
    therefore, we
      follow our chosen practices meticulously even under pressure and
      practice our techniques regularly.
We Learn
We consider it our responsibility
  to hone our craft in pursuit of mastery;
    therefore, we
      continuously explore new technologies and
      read and study the work of other craftsmen.
We Share
We consider it our responsibility
  to perpetuate the craft of Software;
    therefore, we
      enlist apprentices to learn it and
      actively engage other craftsmen in dialogue and practice.

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