Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stuff I Have Found Interesting Today

From Susan Polgar's blog, Peace Pals Art contest for children ages 5-17

Integrity - I With a great quote for CS Lewis. Reminds me of a quote I heard from a friend "Management is easy once you let go of your integreity".

Social Networking for Developers Funny repsonse to Scott Hansleman's StackOverflow Question - How can social networking sites make you a better developer? Faily short good read.

Jurgen Accountable or Responsible? light but I like the quote that he borrows from another post that borrowed it from a newsgroup entry "So I TAKE responsibility and I am HELD accountable."
Why Do You Care About What “Everyone” Else Does? puts into words what I was thinking when I saw Jurgen's survey. For the record I didn't think it through this clearly, but luckily she did.
Is Git more than just a version control system?  Fascinating read on using Git as a backend for a database

How Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Gets Things Done Interesting that he uses Eudora...I remember that name, but that's about all. Gotta love the picture at the end....guess which one is the geek?


A Modest Proposal for the Copy and Paste School of Code Reuse is rather long for such a short point, but maybe he didn't have enough time. The suggestion at the end sounds good to me:

What I propose is this:

// codesnippet:1c125546-b87c-49ff-8130-a24a3deda659

- (void)fadeOutWindow:(NSWindow*)window{
        // code
Attach a one line comment convention with a new GUID to any code snippet you publish on the web. This ties the snippet of code to its author and any subsequent clones. A trivial search for the code snippet GUID would identify every other copy of the snippet on the web:

Why estimate? Is estimating due to lack of trust? I'm not sure I agree with everything in this, but the key point I took away was make sure you are spending the appropriate amount of time on the estimates. Take the value in consideration. I like estimated, but I only spend about 2-4 hours a month on them.
Two posts that tell me that middlemen of all types beware, the internet is a great middleman: 

Martin Fowler is writing a new book on DSLs and he has this page for those that want to read drafts 

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