Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Animal - a geek's tale about a vacuum cleaner

The last two vacuum cleaners we bought were the top rated by consumer reports. My wife's opinion of them, in a play on words, THEY SUCKED. She was using our latest one in an effort to clean the house when it billowed smoke and stunk up the whole house. Two positives came out of this. The first was a house full of fresh air. The other was that she picked the next vacuum cleaner, the dyson DC-17.

This vacuum looks like a geek designed it and belongs in the engine room of a space ship. It has what looks like in-take valves on top (in purple), leading into a clear bin with a metallic grey base. I don't do it justice in either words or photos.

When I opened the box I actually wanted to clean the house. Luckily, the feeling wore off before I could act. It took more time to get it out of it's tightly packed box than it did to assemble. My wife immediately gave it a test run on the foyer rug. Before she was done with the rug the fairly large bin was filled. Mind you we hire a cleaning service and they vacuum that rug every two weeks! 

One grey button poress and the bin is removeable by the clear handle on top. She walks over to the trash can and presses a bright red button and viola the bin is emptied. After replacing it and finishing the rug she the pulls out the wand. To do this all she has to do is pull the red handle up and the wand assembly detaches from the main unit. The suction on this wand is scary. Keep it away from small animals. We love it and we haven't even used the three impressive looking attachments.

If you can afford the high price I highly recommend it.

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