Monday, November 8, 2004

Smooth sailing

Well I haven't got much done. Having two small kids can lead to a busy life! I got the program playing random chess moves late last week (I wanted to post it, but blogger wasn't letting me) I then added some intelligence. If you give it a mate move it will take it and win! It will always takes a piece, even if it is defended (yes it will trade a queen for a pawn). This is caused by the fact that it only looks at the result after the computer moves, not the response. It plays pretty badly, but it plays!

I have 1871 LOCs and 1035 of it tests (divided between testing the ChessBoard and the ChessPlayer) I have been closing my mind to ideas such as efficiency of memory usage and processor utilization, but that hasn't been a factor so why worry now! Let the chips fall where they may. Next is to have the ChessPlayer play out my moves, so he doesn't do stupid trades. Then I need to give it some algorithm about space (at least controlling the center and activating pieces).

This is going to easy...there must be a hidden troll under the bridge.

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