Friday, November 12, 2004


I stumbled on yesterday and found Jose. It is a Java chess program that loads PGN, has an extensive opening book and plays better than the free version of ChessBase, ChessBase Light. Its only flaw is poor time control. It beats the pants off of me, unless I manage to hold it off and let it use all its time up. The source is available and contains over 400 files and over 3 meg of source! This was all done by one guy!!! Boy do I feel stupid. When you run this thing you can see it work and it does thousands of Nodes (basically a move in a move tree) a second! My stupid program takes 2 seconds for roughly 400 moves! Order of magnitude difference. Mine also seems to get slower because If I look 3 ply ahead (2 for moves for the computer and one for human) it takes over a minute!!! I feel completely discouraged, but I must remember that I have only been working on this two weeks and only have 11 files and 65Kb of source. I will keep on plugging, although I don't feel overly motivated...

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